How to Avoid Tax Fraud, Advice from Scammers Themselves


As a company who follows the three basic principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Innovation, we do not condone Tax Fraud, and we certainly will never perform such acts for anyone who requests such atrocity. So what is Tax Fraud? According to tax whistleblower, it is a general term, which can trigger many different laws found in Title 26 and Title 18 of the United States Code. It is basically a taxpayer’s intent to defraud the government by not paying taxes that they know are lawfully due. has talked about one of the successful scammers who explained how he was able to file a tax fraud by using prepaid debit cards. This kind of method has been used for several years because it has been a indispensible tool of tax fraudsters. The scammer named Peleus reported that he was able to bypass the IRS Fraud Filters, and was able to find great success at the state level. The important thing was, according to Peleus was having a bogus refund sent to a unique prepaid debit card account for each filing. In March 12, 2015, Utah State Tax Commission Chairman John Valentine has reported to the U.S Senate Finance Committee that suspicions returns has been about the direct deposit information changed from the previous year’s ban account to prepaid debit cards.

The problem with transferring funds to prepaid debit cards is that they cannot be traced or recovered, which is a perfect way to commit tax fraud. It seems that prepaid debit cards are most preferable to fraudsters because the identity thief doesn’t have to interact with banks, credit unions or checking cashing stores that may become suspicious when one person starts bringing in multiple tax refund checks to be cashed or deposited.


-          Try to file your taxes as early as possible. However, if the state taxes have been “filed” already, then immediately report this issue with the state revenue agency.

-          Have a CPA or Accountant do it for you. Accountants are born to study all of the complications of the tax law, and they have to make sure their clients are safe. This is a good opportunity as there are many fraudsters out there who want to file a fake tax return. Accountants usually charge a fair price for their services, especially in Orange County.

-          Consider placing a fraud alert freeze on your file at the major credit companies. If fraudsters have enough personal information to file a fraudulent tax return under your name, then they can use that data to commit other crimes. Placing a fraud alert on your credit file every 90 days is the cheapest way since it is free.

Be sure to make sure your personal information is safe from crooks, and also use this information as a way to help you understand how fraudsters operate so you can use this information to help your sound more legitimate when you report a tax fraud claim.




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