How Does your Passion Reach Success?

Connor Franta

Imagine yourself doing something that you are most passionate about, and then making tons of money just by doing that “something” you are most passionate about.

 How much better would your life be?

You can enjoy that lavish lifestyle, going out eating some delicious lobster with your buddies, going out to try that one wine bottle that you’d think you’d never get to try, or drive that Mercedes Benz model that you’ve dreamed about, picking up girls in the streets with your ride (or guys, whatever preference, no judgments here!).

The reason I ask this is that, I’d like to talk about a young individual who was able to make it big without having any sort of experience working in the business world, and then attempt to inspire the readers (you) that anything you do that you are passionate about can drive you to success. (Along with hard work of course.)

Connor Franta, an American Youtuber, entrepreneur, and writer, mainly created videos for his fans about his life, talking about his day and expressing his thoughts and opinions about everything while implementing a lot of humor into his videos. Not only did he make videos about his daily life, he also created many videos about relationship advice in which majority of his audience seems very interested in. Nonetheless, Franta enjoyed what he did that kept him going. Not only did he make videos, he was also very timely and persistent with his videos making sure that his audience was thoroughly entertained. In fact, he was always active with his youtube channel. However, his youtube fame did not last very long. Luckily, with his smart thinking about drive to become successful, he began taking different approaches to advance his passions. Since Franta is a coffee addict, (his fans also know) he began to take on the idea of selling his own coffee brands. He figured it would be beneficial to be authentic about selling something that he is crazy in love about.

How did he start this new product brand?

Franta began by approaching a company in San Francisco called Ritual Roasters, which was a wholesale company that had a variety of different coffee beans. The process was a simple one for him: He picked out the bean that he loved and then designed the package. Once it was created, he did a test run of the sales of the product in a span of 48 hours. At the end of it, he was able to sell thousands of pounds of the coffee! And from then on, it became an ongoing business. See what happens when you treat coffee like its your world?! YOU BECOME RICH!

How is he staying consistent with the coffee business?

Franta formalized his business, where he named his product Common Culture Coffee, under the umbrella brand called Common Culture. With his creativity and strategy to consistently produce revenue, he created a subscription plan for the coffee beans. The product itself is handled by his wholesaler company Ritual Roasters, while Franta manages the creative side by creating the new packaging of the beans. The most important aspect of his skills however, was the company presence. His company has more than 70,000 Twitter followers, and 160,000 on Instagram, and “is growing everyday” he says. His expertise is advertising, and still working to improve his advertising skills.

What did I learn from this?

Well, the most important thing to take away from this blog, is to understand what it took for this young indivdual to reach success. Someone who came from a completely different background, without any knowledge in the business world, who suddenly became a millionaire. The point is, anyone can become a millionaire if the passions and drive to become successful is there. As Franta would say “Never underestimate the power of pure passion” Look into what you love to do, and drive it into a business! You never know! 

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