Small Business Success Story – Chad Mureta (App Empire)

Chad Mureta

Chad Mureta ran a real estate business when the impossible happened: A devastating car accident has caused to be delivered to the hospital, nearly taking out his arm. His business could not continue without him being physically present, but Mureta’s mounting medical bills meant he had to find an alternative source of income.

After reading a magazine article about mobile apps during his hospitalization, Mureta decided to try his hand at producing mobile applications. At the time, the industry was relatively new, but he felt the growth potential was worth the risk he would say.

“Lying in my hospital bed, I decided to take a Hail Mary shot and get into this industry.” Mureta said. “I needed a new business and decided to jump in with both feet.” Immediately, he started sketching out ideas for his own apps on pieces of paper. Soon after, he found a development company and outsourced all his work to create his first app.

Mureta took out a loan for $1800 to produce his first app. Fingerprint security – Pro. It soon became one of the 50 most popular apps in the App Store, earning him $140,000 in the process. From there, Mureta founded and sold three app companies – Empire Apps, Best Apps, and T3 Apps and now is currently running a blog called App Empire. He has produced 46 apps to date, and authored “App Empire: Make Money, have a Life and Let Technology Work for You”

Mureta advised other entrepreneurs to not be intimidated by their lack of experience in an industry if they see an opportunity. With a thirst for knowledge and the willingness to find and connect with the right people, anyone can begin to carve out an entrepreneurial path for him or herself, he said.

“I’m still not a tech guy,” Mureta said, “I couldn’t tell you how to program an app, but I can tell you how to make it a success. I researched the market and the consumers, and saw opportunities for people like myself. I kept researching and kept expanding my knowledge to grow my business and income.”



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