A Smart Business Decision Maker = A Successful Entrepreneur

Many successful business leaders all share a common skill that most people do not posses. Although this skill comes in all forms and is dependent on the amount of opportunities given to them, they all still have to undergo a process whether it takes a long time to process or a very short amount of time. That skill, my fellow entrepreneurs is: Smart Business Decision-making. Every day people from all over the world make decisions. You may not realize it but you, the reader, just made the decision to read this article (Thanks by the way!). However, let’s take it to a business perspective; business leaders, (including yourself) “make dozen of decisions a day” that creates an impact to the success of their company while creating an influence factor to employees as well. “Developing such a skill requires a combination of education, experience, and intuition.”

Marci Martin, author of Business News Daily who wrote the article “How to Make Effective Business Decisions” has stated a great quote: There are many things that influence how an individual makes decisions. They include emotions, perceived personal and professional risks and rewards, preparation through experience or education, deadlines, stress and a host of others. It is important to mitigate the irrational and embrace the rational.”

Many decisions always comes with a process, as mentioned above, there are many factors that come into play before coming up with a conclusion. Some of those decisions usually come from a “gut feeling” while others come from undergoing a long process of asking others, and a more common form would be the opportunity cost (Is it more beneficial to me than the cost?). As Martin mentioned, the “bottom line is that being an effective decision-maker requires practice.”

Gayle Abott, President of Strategic Alignment Partners, a human consulting firm, has implemented a four- point strategy to deploy whenever you must act:

-          Identify the problem.

-          Analyze the possible solutions

-          Evaluate the possibilities that are likely to bring you closer to your goal.

-          Make the decision.

However, as easy as this 4 point system sounds, this type of strategy does not come easily for any beginner. As Abott has said in Business News Daily, it takes years of practice to master this skill. Many people who have become masters did not simply start off as talented decision makers, they made many mistakes in the past, learned from them, and simply moved on. The most crucial part in any decision making in a business, is the ability to learn from them. It is not easy as you think it is because people still make the same mistake, whether it’d be motivated by an emotion, by influence, or by stubbornness. The reality is that, it will not be easy to become a smart business decision maker until you have made enough decisions to consider yourself a smart business decision maker. 

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