This Skill is What Determines the Success of Your Business

Just recently, there was an article written by Matt Fore who talked about an important skill that would subsequently determine the success of your business. In his article, he provided an example from his experience about one of his business friends and talked about this important skill that he was lacking, and how it failed to bring him to the path of financial success.


The story unfolds to talk about a man named Earl who was a business man and a magician who performed amazingly for audiences such as adults and families. In fact, his talent was so good, that he was comparable to Houdin Thurstonfield, however, given his talents, he could not generate enough viewers to come to his magic show. Although his talents were astonishing and jaw-dropping, he lacked this important skill needed to get a business of his magic show going.


Do you know what skill he is lacking?


If you guessed Communications, you are certainly correct!


The most important skill that determines the life of a business is communication. Many Orange County CPA Firms and Entrepreneurs including Matt Fore will tell you that “An effective marketing campaign should stir a response; it should stir a conversation. It should give a compelling reason for the client to reach out and receive a benefit.” (Fore)  


Communication is very important in business because it plays a fundamental role in all the factors of business. The internal part of your business, which is yourself and the partner/employees are crucial because communicating effectively within your business organization will efficiently complete short term goals and possibly long term goals. Additionally, you want to make sure that your external communication is also well trained, for example your consumers. How are they receiving the messages that you send out to them? Compare what you see and what they see in your advertisements, are you both in the same page?


Another thing to note too is that communication builds and maintains relationships, communication is very important because you want all your business partners to understand your situation, your goals, and any other factor that your partners may want to know. A CPA firm typically asks for effective communication. In fact, it is practically required that you have effective communication skills, otherwise, your CPA will not be able to get the job done correctly if you don’t!


So there you have it, communication. Remember to always have a good mindset and make sure to always answer any questions if needed from your fellow business partners or consumers.



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