2012 Resolves Many Uncertainties

2012 Resolves Many Uncertainties, Creates Others; Sets Stage For Future Tax Reform.

Uncertainty during 2012 over what tax laws would govern in 2013 and beyond because of the expiring Bush-era tax cuts clearly was the most significant development of the year. Now that Congress and President Obama — through the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) — have provided a degree of certainty over tax rates into at least the immediate future, taxpayers need to adjust their tax plans accordingly. Individuals and businesses should immediately recalibrate strategies in light of ATRA. 2012 was also a significant year for important tax developments from the Treasury Department, the IRS and the courts. These developments demand the attention of individual and business taxpayers not only to caution what is no longer allowed under the tax laws but also to shape what steps can be taken in 2013 and beyond to maximize tax savings. With that forward-looking perspective, this Tax Briefing reviews key federal tax developments that took place during 2012.


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