California—Personal Income Tax: FTB Contacting Nonfilers

The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is contacting more than 1 million people who did not file a 2011 state income tax return. The deadline to file was October 15, 2012. The FTB compares its records of filed tax returns with the more than 400 million income records it receives each year from the Internal Revenue Service, banks, employers, state departments, and other sources. The FTB also uses occupational licenses and mortgage interest payment information to detect others who may have a requirement to file a state tax return. Contacted individuals have 30 days to file a state tax return or show why one is not due. If a required return is not filed, the FTB will issue a tax assessment using income records to estimate the amount of state tax due. The assessment will include interest, fees, and penalties.

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