Tax Tips 2017: Deductible Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses

The doctor’s office may be a scary place, but when you can get a tax deduction for the visit, maybe it’s not so bad.

For 2016, the IRS will allow you to itemize the miles you drove for medical reason at 19 cents per mile.

That is additional to the amount of medical and dental expenses that are than 10% of your adjusted gross income that are deducted in Schedule A.

If you stuck in the hospital and had to pay for meals or lodging, the IRS will also allow you deduct these expenses from a hospital or similar institution if the principal reason was to receive medical care.

If you want to know if you qualify for these deductions, give us a call at (714)-533-2600 to schedule a FREE consultation to make sure you are maximizing your deductions. 

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